The McMaster Marauders brought home a total of 59 medals over the weekend after they competed in the OUA’S DeBray Division Championships.

This was the first appearance for the Marauders at the divisional championships in Guelph.

Mac’s swimmers accounted for a monstrous haul of 49 individual medals and 10 spots on the podium in relay events. By way of their medal total, both the men’s and women’s teams took home the team titles.

The Marauder women picked up the team gold by a 303-point margin while he men out-paced the host Gryphons by 151.5 for their team title.

McMaster’s women were led by a trio of veterans. Isabelle Lei, Emma Schlyter and Veronica Nichol all came away with four individual medals apiece, with Lei capturing three gold medals. The ladies squad continued to show their dominance at the meet by medaling in all six of the relay events they were entered.

On the men’s side, the Marauders were led by the trio of Alex Tropynine, Mitch, Muinselaar and Ian Mackinnon, who each earned four individual medals over the two day meet.

Like the women, the men dominated the freestyle relays, with Johnsen, Tropynine, Mackinnon and Louis Sharland combining to win gold in the 4x50m event and the team of Mike Dereviankin, Kevin Baghadassarian, James Potma and Liam Robertson finishing less than a second behind for the silver. Mackinnon and Tropynine joing Muizelaar and Kevin Bagnell to win another gold in the 4x100m variant.

Potman, Johnsen and Dereviankin then teams with Cesar Sosa Miranda in the 4x50m medley where the Marauders won bronze.

Amazingly, of the 38 total events in the competition, there Marauders would be shutout from medaling in five of them while they swept the podium in three events.

Of the 59 medals that came back to the McMaster campus, there were 22 golds, 22 silvers and 15 bronzes.

Marauders Medal Results
Women’s 200m Freestyle Relay
Gold – McMaster A (Sarah Little, Chelsea Zhou, Veronica Nichol, Isabelle Lei) 1:48.14
Bronze – McMaster B (Emma Schlyter, Katherine Toy, Erin Anderson, Hiva Fazeli) 1:49.95

Men’s 200m Freestyle Relay
Gold – McMaster A (Cameron Johnsen, Alex Tropynine, Ian Mackinnon, Louis Sharland) 1:35.17
Silver – McMaster B (Mike Dereviankin, Kevin Baghdassarian, James Potma, Liam Robertson) 1:36.10

Women’s 400m IM
Gold – Emma Schlyter 4:59.48
Silver – Claire Halford 5:03.13

Men’s 400m IM
Silver – Adam Miecznikowski 4:37.92
Bronze – Mony Tchervenelekov 4:41.85

Women’s 50m Backstroke
Silver – Veronica Nichol 29.43

Men’s 50m Backstroke
Silver – Ian Mackinnon 26.40 Bronze – James Potma 26.73

Women’s 200m Freestyle
Gold – Isabelle Lei 202.09
Silver – Emma Schlyter 206.22

Men’s 200m Freestyle
Gold – Alex Tropynine 1:51.42
Silver – Mitch Muizelaar 1:52.75

Women’s 100m Butterfly
Gold – Megan Romkes 1:03.43
Silver – Sarah Little 1:04.86

Men’s 100m Butterfly
Gold - Kevin Baghdassarian 57.30
Silver – James Potma 57.76

Women’s 200m Backstroke
Silver – Veronica Nichol 2:16.25
Bronze – Claire Halford 2:18.85

Men’s 200m Backstroke
Gold – Ian Mackinnon 2:01.58
Bronze – Alex Tropynine 2:07.46

Women’s 50m Freestyle
Gold – Isabelle Lei 26.61

Men’s 50m Freestyle
Gold – Mike Dereviankin 24.03

Women’s 800m Freestyle
Gold – Erin Anderson 9:20.36
Bronze – Elise Bolger 9:37.08

Men’s 1500m Freestyle
Gold – Mitch Muizelaar 15:45.83

Women’s 200m Medley Relay
Silver – McMaster A (Claire, Halford, Margaret Heckman, Megan Romkes, Hiva Fazeli) 2:02.50
Bronze – McMaster B (Gabrielle Studebaker, Aivrey Mckinley, Cailyn Eley, Chelsea Zhou) 2:02.51

Men’s 200m Medley Relay
Bronze – McMaster A (James Potma, Cameron Johnson, Cesar Sosa Miranda, Mike Dereviankin) 1:46.17

Women’s 200m IM
Gold – Isabelle Lei 2:19.28
Silver – Emma Schlyter 2:20.51
Bronze – Claire Halford 2:24.16

Women’s 100m Freestyle
Silver – Veronica Nichol 58.60
Bronze – Sarah Little 59.03

Men’s 100m Freestyle
Gold – Alex Tropynine 51.85
Silver – Ian Mackinnon 51.87
Bronze – Mitch Muizelaar 52.86

Women’s 200m Butterfly
Gold – Megan Romkes 2:20.39
Silver – Cailyn Eley 2:27.34

Men’s 200m Butterfly
Silver – Adam Miecznikowski 2:07.65
Bronze – Kevin Baghdassarian 2:08.59

Men’s 200m Breaststroke
Gold – Cameron Johnson 2:19.98

Women’s 100m Backstroke
Gold (tie) – Veronica Nichol 1:03.06
Bronze – Gabrielle Studebaker 1:04.18

Men’s 100m Backstroke
Silver – Ian Mackinnon 56.07

Women’s 50m Butterfly
Silver – Sarah Little 28.83
Bronze – Megan Romkes 28.91

Men’s 50m Butterfly
Silver – James Potma 26.07

Men’s 50m Breaststroke
Gold – Cameron Johnsen 29.78

Women’s 400m Freestyle
Gold – Emma Schlyter 4:23.26
Silver – Isabelle Lei 4:25.21
Bronze – Gabrielle Studebaker 4:31.21

Men’s 400m Freestyle
Gold – Mitch Muizelaar 3:59.13
Silver – Alex Tropynine 4:02.52

Women’s 400m Freestyle Relay
Gold – McMaster A (Veronica Nichol, Emma Schlyter, Sarah Little, Isabelle Lei) 3:53.57
Silver – McMaster B (Erin Anderson, Nichole Christakis, Katherine Toy, Emily Ma) 3:59.14

Men’s 400m Freestyle Relay
Gold – McMaster A (Ian Mackinnon, Kevin Bagnell, Alex Tropynine, Mitch Muizelaar) 3:28.95