Collegiate sports are an interesting time. Some look to go on and make it to the pros while others are playing for one last hurrah.

On Saturday, it was one last hurrah for Youngstown State quarterback Nathan Mays. For him, his season seemingly ended back on November 2nd when he went down with a season ending ankle injury.

However, thanks to his teammates and coaches, he got a bit of closure to his season and his football career as he stepped back onto the field one last time. With the help of Matt Jones and Myles Douglas, May went back out onto the field with 10 seconds remaining on the clock and finished his college career with a victory formation kneel down.

“That moment was an incredible one, one that May, his family and friends will never forget.

May didn’t realize how powerful of a moment it was until he saw his father. He addressed it postgame saying, “It was pretty crazy. It didn’t hit me until I actually did it and then I saw my dad in tears. It was pretty special.”

You don’t have to be a Youngstown fan to get goosebumps watching it.