Hockey fans know full well that former Montreal Canadiens goaltender Patrick Roy has a fiery side when he coaches.

The Quebec Remparts coach put it on full display this past weekend after a controversial call by the officials.

One of Roy’s players looked to have bumped into Val d’Or Foreurs netminder Jonathan Lemieux which the referees determined was goaltender interference and disallowed the goal. That call didn’t sit well with Roy who let the fiery side as he lost it on the officials from the bench.

It only took a few moments for the zebra to decide that the Hall of Famer needed to head out just a little earlier than his team while the game continued.

Nothing is new with Roy letting loose with tirades on the bench. We saw many of them during his time on the Colorado Avalanche bench.

The Remparts went on to drop the contest in a shootout, losing their fifth in the last six games. With the results Roy’s team are getting as of late, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see many more animated moments from the Habs legend.