A referee made a penalty call and then didn’t call a penalty and it had nothing to do with any type of video review.

We all know officials make mistakes since the start of time and it will continue until the end of time. But it is unusual for an official to change his mind on a call he has already made without the help of video review.

However, on Monday it happened in the DEL.

Former NHLer Jakub Kindl, who now plays in the DEL, showed off a lot of sportsmanship in the game after drawing a tripping penalty. After lobbying the official, Kindl was able to get the call overturned after he admitted to the referee that he fell on his own.

It’s not everyday that a professional athlete will help their opponent out, especially correcting a mistake made by the official, but the fact that Kindle did it shows the kind of respect of the game and the sportsmanship he has and he should be commended for it.

Add in the fact that the game was tied, and the penalty would have ended the opponent’s power play that was ongoing at the time.