It has been a few weeks since he has been talked about, but Antonio Brown is back in the news thanks to some NFL fans.

With Halloween just a couple days away, everybody is making sure they have the costume of the year. Surprisingly, this year it could be Antonio Brown that is the subject of many costumes this Halloween season.

We all know the messy and ugly feud that Brown hard with the Steelers and then Raiders which landed him in New England with the Patriots. Then the sexual assault allegations which led to his release from the Patriots. However, before he has even been released for the last time, Steelers and Raiders fans started to dub the wide receiver as ‘Antonio Clown.’

To nobody’s surprise, fans are now celebrating one of the biggest candy days of the year by dressing up as a clown. More specifically, ‘Antonio Clown.’

You have to love the creativity from many of them.

But that isn’t the best. Somebody did an amazing job photoshopping a costume hanging in the store so that you could be Antonio Brown for Halloween.

Let us know, are you dressing up as ‘Antonio Clown’ this year? Or, what other sports themed costume are you dressing up in for Halloween 2019? Let us know in the comment section below or tweet us a picture of it.