The hockey gods seem to have a funny way to get even with you.

If you remember, Lias Andersson, who was drafted by the New York Rangers, was part of the 2018 Swedish World Junior Hockey team that won the silver medal. When he received it, he threw it into the crowd.

Well, the hockey gods got back at him on Thursday night in the hallowed halls of Madison Square Garden.

Like every other team, the Rangers introduced each of their players to their home crowd prior to the start of their opening game against the Winnipeg Jets. When Andersson was introduced, he was greeted with cheers from the crowd. Then they had a good laugh at him.

As Andersson skated to the centre ice from the tunnel, he did not notice the camera wires on the ice and blew a tire on them, tumbling to the ice.

You could be sure the hockey gods had a big smile on their face.

While Andersson is entering his second year in the NHL, this was the first time he was in the lineup on opening night.

Andersson and the Rangers are hoping for big things this season, but the hockey club might want to keep forward away from any stray wires.