Cleveland Indians ace pitcher Trevor Bauer didn’t have himself a great day.

Not only did he take the loss after going four and a third innings, allowing eight runs, seven of which were earned, on nine hits and four walks, he also ruffled the feathers of his skipper which put him in the doghouse.

As manager Terry Francona came out to take his pitcher out of the game, the right-hander fired the baseball into the centerfield stands from the pitcher’s mound on Sunday in his start against the Kansas City Royals. Bauer immediately turned to his hot under the collar manager and apologized for the stunt.

"First and foremost, I owe a sincere apology to all of my teammates, my coaching staff, the organization and all of our fans for how I conducted myself today," Bauer said after the game. "It's unbecoming. It was childish, unprofessional. There's no place for it in the game.”

"I'm happy it didn't result in any physical injury for anybody else. I realize I put people in danger. I want to be clear that my frustrations were with myself and my inability to stop the situation and keep my team in the game."

The veteran skipper wasn’t pleased with his starter’s behaviour.

Bauer, 28, owns a 3.79 ERA on the campaign with 185 strikeouts in 156 and two-thirds innings.