St. Louis Cardinals catcher Yadier Molina wasn’t mincing his words after seeing the collision on Sunday in the Los Angeles-Houston game.

Astros outfielder Jake Marisnick ran over Angels catcher Jonathan Lucroy in a bone-rattling collision at home plate.

Molina blasted the 28-year old Marisnick over social media for running the LA catcher.

"Bullsh*t! MLB (needs) to take action on this bullsh*t play! F*ck! Praying for Lucroy!" Molina wrote in an Instagram post. "Slide slide slide (f*ck)!"

He wasn’t the only one that was pissed off by Marisnick’s actions as Angels manager Brad Ausmus was calling for the Houston player to be suspended following the game.

"It certainly didn't look like a clean play," Ausmus told reporters after the Angels' loss, according to the Orange County Register. “It looked like Marisnick took a step to the left and bowled into him with his arm up. ... MLB should probably take a look at it and consider some type of suspension, quite frankly."

For his part, Marisnick has expressed remorse for the “terrible” play during the postgame media scrum stating, "First and foremost I hope he's okay. That was a bad play for me..It's terrible. I wish him the best. I hope he's okay."

Lucroy was carted off the field and taken to a local hospital following the plate crash to undergo a CT scan and evaluation for a possible concussion and nose fracture.

Following a review of the play, Marisnick was called out for intentionally hitting Lucroy.

Since 2014, home-plate collisions have been illegal in Major League Baseball.