The 4th of July fireworks started a little earlier than planned in Pittsburgh, courtesy of Chicago Cubs manager Joe Maddon.

The longtime MLB manager had had enough of the Pirates on Thursday and blew a gasket that led to his ejection in the fourth inning. Maddon was tossed while he was in the dugout jawing towards the Pittsburgh bench before coming onto the field yelling and pointing in the Pirates direction.

Several of the Cubs players and home plate umpire Joe West were seen holding Maddon back before he eventually walked off the field and into the clubhouse.

Maddon appeared to unhappy with Pirates skipper Clint Hurdle following a pitch from pitcher Jordan Lyles nearly hit Cubs second baseman Javier Baez.

It wasn’t the only time that it happened in the game on Thursday as Lyles threw a pitch up and in towards Baez. Pittsburgh is known for throwing inside and at time high and inside.

It would be an inning later that Pirates right-hander Clay Holms threw a 94-mph pitch which hit Cubs third baseman David Bote in the helmet.

Bote would stay in the game after being checked out by the Cubs’ trainer.

Hopefully, Maddon can calm down, enjoy a few cold ones and watch some real fireworks to celebrate an 11-3 victory.