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Overtime is underway in the gold medal game for women's hockey.
Vegas Golden Knights set NHL record for most points in a season by a team in its inaugural season (84 PTS)
Canada and the States are headed to overtime in the gold medal women's hockey game at the #Olympics in #PyeongChang2018
A stretch pass for a breakaway leads to a goal for the Americans to tie the game at 2
After 40 minutes of play in the gold medal women's hockey game at the #PyeongChang2018 #Olympics it is #Can 2 - #USA 1
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Nazem ‘The Barber’ Kadri Escapes Discipline

Toronto Maple Leafs’ centre Nazem Kadri will get off lightly after he gave Joe Thornton’s beard a trim two-seconds into Thursday night’s game.

Kadri survived the tilt with ‘Big’ Joe but also escaped any punishment for getting his hand tangled in the hairs on Thornton’s chinny chin chin, in which he pulled a chunk of hair in the process.

The Sharks star should be thankful he and teammate Brent Burns aren’t in the UFC as they would have to shave their mountain-man beards off.

When an NHL official was asked if the rule book covered beard-pulling, the league pointed to Rule 75.2 (ii) which says:

“Any player who is guilty of unsportsmanlike conduct including, but not limited to hair-pulling, biting, grabbing hold of a face mans, ect. If warranted, and specifically when injury results, the referee may apply Rule 21 – Match Penalties.”

Both players were assessed fighting majors following the tussle, so the on-ice officials must have deemed that the interaction Kadri had with Thornton’s beard was unintentional.

The fight that started the game saw Thornton challenge Kadri after the two were tossed from the faceoff circle following a nasty slashing exchange. The Leaf gave up at least four inches and 30 pounds to the 38-year old Thornton and during the fight appeared to be trying to grab the jersey but got a part of the beard as well.

When both players lost their balance, and went to the ice, Kadri was still attached to the beard. The tuft of hair land on the ice, looking like a mini-tumbleweed.

This isn’t the first time Thoronton’s beard has been involved in a fight. In the 2015-16 playoffs, he and St. Louis centre David Backes each grabbed the other’s beard during an altercation that saw no punches thrown.

On Friday, the Sharks changed the description on Twitter to “Please stop pulling our beards” and quoted a tweet from OMGFacts that said, “Alexander the Great encouraged his army to shave so rivals wouldn’t grab their beards during battle.” San Jose added to the tweet stating, “Now you tell us.”

We’re guessing that Thornton grabbed some clippers this morning, not to shave off the beard, but to trim it so that the hole was not as noticeable.

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