It was never more evident than in the Bruin-Canadiens game last season. His very emphatic call of the fighting majors between Krug and Shaw was truly priceless and became a viral video.

Not often, an over statement, does any official in any league show much emotion. You have to give it to NHL Director of Officiating, Stephen Walkom, who validated Wes’ emotional call, saying, that’s who Wes is’.

McCauley, in case you may have forgotten, is the son of former great NHL Ref and NHL Director of Officiating John McCauley and was known by his nickname ‘Gus’.

The younger McCauley has become a favourite with broadcasters who let him take over when he flips the switch to his microphone. A month after his fighting announcement he was at it again following a goal review where he dramatically paused before announcing that the call on the ice stood and “we got a goal.”

Well, Wednesday night he was at it again, but he had a slight problem.

New York Islanders goaltender Thomas Greiss mad an amazing pad save which was reviewed in the first period of the game. Following the review, McCauley took to the mic to announce the result of the review and there was complete silence. His lips were moving but nothing was coming out.

After fiddling around a bit, he tried again but nothing. He then starts to say that “the mic isn’t working” as it kicked in and finished his announcement.

We were almost robbed of another McCauley moment.

It’s great having an official that is emphatic and has some fun at the same time. We all know they aren’t brain surgeons.

Wait, there was a 22-year old linesman in last night’s Toronto-Florida game that worked his first NHL game. James Tobias put his studies on hold to become a brain surgeon when the NHL hired him. I guess that joke goes out the window now.