We have seen incredible ball placement by punters in the Canadian and National Football Leagues on a weekly basis. You know, the ones that are angle kicks to pin teams deep in their own end. It’s a talent that only a few have.

This punt from a football game held between the Chicago Al Raby High School and Morris Community is going viral for obvious reasons. It traveled close to 50 yards after it had hit the ground.

We’ve heard of favourable bonces before but to have a punt roll an additional 50 yards is incredible.

If you notice, the Al Raby punter kicked it away standing at his own seven-yard line, and the ball wound up at the seven-yard line at the other end of the field. If you total up the yards, that is a jaw dropping 86-yard punt.

While the game was played in the Windy City, it doesn’t look like the wind is behind this sorcery.

Putting it up against the NFL list of longest punts ever, it would be in the top ten.

Unfortunately for Al Raby, not much else would go their way in the game as they went on to lose 43-8 to Morris Community.

Maybe we can get the people at Sport Science to figure this one out.