The highlight of the night for many came in the final minutes of the game when Tony Romo showed that he could do it all. Okay, maybe not all. We have seen him play QB, but he showed great ability at play by play when an adorable cat invaded the field.

Romo stole the show as CBS and the NFL Network showed a slow-motion replay of the cat on the field with the former Cowboy remarking to partner Jim Nantz, “This is like how you ran in high school.”

He then went into full film breakdown. “Perfect form, extension. I mean, he doesn’t get fazed with people around.”

As the feline approached the sideline, Romo jested, “does he get both feet in right here at the end, Jim?”

While the game turned out to be a blowout in the Ravens’ favour the call of the cat’s run was pure gold. And the fans, well they took to social media saying how much they loved the call.

To be honest, Romo has been surprisingly good as a color-man. When CBS hired him in April I rolled my eyes thinking here we go with somebody that has no idea what he will be doing behind the microphone. However, he has brought a lot of insight to the game and has called many of the plays before they happened, including an audible last night even before the QB even saw it. Maybe he has found his true calling in football.

The cat, who stepped out of bounds, could take some lessons from the jack rabbit that invaded the Edmonton Eskimos-Calgary Stampeders’ 2015 Canadian Football League Labour Day Classic. Not only did he score one touchdown, moments later he “returned the kick” for a touchdown.

So, our question for you is, who invaded the football field better? The cat or the jack rabbit?