We told you yesterday about the tragedy that struck at a high school football game in New Jersey by gunfire.

After seeing the horrible news, Doug Pederson and the Philadelphia Eagles reached out to both schools and offered their home turf so that they could resume the game with the players’ parents and family members receiving free passes to the game.

The general public was not allowed in the stadium to see the finish of the contest.

The schools accepted the offer from the Eagles. However, when they arrived, they did not know that there would be a surprise in store for them at the field.

Prior to the game getting restarted, Carson Wentz, Doug Pederson and the Eagles stepped onto the field and showed their support for the high schoolers and showed why Philly is known as the city of brotherly love.

During their game last Friday, three people were injured on the shooting. On Wednesday, prior to the game, news broke that Micah Tennant, the 10-year old injured in the shooting, had succumbed to his injuries. While the game was already dampened by the events of Friday, this just dampened it even more, but the players from both teams showed unity, standing side by side with locked arms as they held a moment of silence for Micah.

Players from both teams also wrote Micah’s name on their equipment and shirts. Running back Ernest Howard Jr also gave up his number two to wear number 10, which was planned before the news on Wednesday.

He fought back tears saying, “it was really tough to play football today. We found out earlier today, and it was just heartbreaking. We were all hurting, but we gave it our all because we really wanted to win it for him.” Unfortunately, Howard Jr’s Pleasantville Greyhounds lost the game 22-0 to Camden.

While this was a playoff game, the final score didn’t matter as much as players showed that they could rise above the hate that occurred at their game.

We all love sports and never should have to fear for a life-threatening situation at a sporting event, be it in the pros or at the grassroots levels.

Sports are an outlet for people of all ages, and on Wednesday afternoon, Pleasantville and Camden high schools used that outlet to put the tragedy behind them for a short period while they got to play on an NFL field in front of some pro players cheering them on.

The teams were also treated to a full team entrance through the Eagles’ tunnel with just of smoke as well as the action being shown on the videoboard and a play by play announcer over the stadium sound system.

None of this will erase what happened last week, but hopefully it gave the players and their families some positive lasting memories out of what was a tragic night that nobody should go through.