You know when Baker Mayfield is saying what his own teammate did was inexcusable, it had to be a very bad thing.

Mayfield quickly condemned teammate Myles Garrett’s actions near the end of the Thursday Night Football game between the Pittsburgh Steelers and Cleveland Browns.

Cleveland’s defensive end started a brawl with less than 10 seconds left on the clock in his teams 21-7 victory over the Steelers after tackling Pittsburgh’s quarterback Mason Rudolph. Garrett then tore Rudolph’s helmet off his head and swung it, connecting with Rudolph’s head.

You can guaran-damn-tee that there is a suspension headed Garrett’s way for it too.

Following the helmet swing, many players got into a shoving match with Maurkice Pouncey throwing multiple punches at Garrett and then kicking him while he was on the ground with another Steeler already on the ground holding the Cleveland player down. Those actions resulted in his ejection, as well as the Browns’ Larry Ogunjobi and Garrett.

Moments after the game, Mayfield spoke with Fox Sports’ Erin Andrews where he said, “Rivalry or not, we can't do that. ... We're endangering the other team. That's inexcusable. ... The reality is he's going to get suspended."

It is odd to hear Mayfield being the voice of reason, and while he was slamming his own player, former QB Troy Aikman pointed out how unusual it is for that type of reaction coming from a player in Mayfield’s position.

“I don’t think it’s often you have your franchise quarterback being that direct and that forthcoming immediately following a game, or at any point really, when it comes to a teammate,” Aikman said./p>

Numerous players spoke postgame and there wasn’t one that condoned what happened. Even Garrett took time with the media and said he “made a mistake” and “lost his cool.”

Everybody under the sun, even Browns players and fans, know that Garrett will be suspended, but how long should it be? There is no direct precedent that the NFL can follow. The closest thing to this situation is when former Tennessee Titans defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth received a five-game ban for stomping on ex-Dallas Cowboys interior offensive lineman Andre Gurode’s head. It is the longest suspension in the league’s history for an on-field incident.

I believe that Haynesworth’s suspension will lose that title after Thursday’s incident. While some believe it will be the rest of the season, there are others calling for even longer than that. If the NFL is serious about players’ safety, then this will have to be the precedent setting suspension.

Had Garrett done it on the streets, it would have been assault and about six months in jail. Add in a weapon and it is longer.

It is likely that the league will hand down a suspension that equals the rest of the 2019 NFL season. I do believe that isn’t enough and that at minimum another four games into the 2020 campaign is needed along with the remainder of this year.

Here we’re talking about this ugly incident when we should be talking about the big victory by the Browns and how well they have played over the last two games. Yeah, there is still room for improvement for Cleveland, but the win should be the talking point.

The two teams still have one date left on the schedule with each other and that comes on Sunday, December 1 with the Steelers hosting the Browns. You know that will be one that will have a lot of eyes on it, especially from the officials and the league.

How long should Garrett be suspended for? Let us know in the comment section below.