We’re in a good time where many athletes want to be involved in charity work.

This also goes for the younger players that are trying to crack the big-league lineups, using the platform they are given to do some good in their communities.

This year in Philadelphia, the teams of the city have been part of the Fearless 43 initiative which was led by the MLS team, the Union. The teams and players had various ventures going on. For example, Carter Hart and Jakub Voracek, of the Flyers, were set to use special gold sticks that were designed by childhood cancer patients.

For Hart, three-year old Lucy McCabe, who designed his stick along with her sister, was unable to ever see it in the NHLer’s hands as she passed away from cancer in September. Originally, the stick was going to be used before a preseason game against the Boston Bruins on September 19, which is the month of Pediatric Cancer Awareness. Lucy passed away just two days prior to the game. However, the 21-year old Flyer adjusted his plans for the stick and held onto it.

He invited the McCabe family to Wednesday’s home contest against the Washington Capitals and met with them following the game. When he met with them, he had a special delivery for Lucy’s older sister Molly. It was the stick that she and Lucy had designed.

While the moment may not seem huge to you or I, you can be sure it was a special moment for the McCabe family.

Hart and Voracek are just two of a number of athletes that represent Philadelphia that are involved in the Fearless 43 initiative. Other include players from the Union, the Phillies and the Eagles.

Following Lucy’s passing in September, Union captain Alejandro Bedoya celebrated one of his goals with a special tribute to the young girl. It was recently voted as the team’s best goal celebration of the year.

The number 43 in the Fearless 43 initiative is in reference to the statistic that 43 children are diagnosed with cancer each day.

As for the stick, it will find a spot on the wall in the McCabe’s back room which they call they bar/fun room.

On Thursday, Hart talked about the meeting with the McCabes, “It was nice to go and say hi after the game. I know it wasn't the result we wanted in the game, but it was [Molly's] first NHL game. She was smiling after. That's what it's about. You go in there after the game, you see them and how happy she is and how happy the family was to meet me and come in the locker room after, that just puts a smile on my face. Very happy to do that."

Athletes have the chance to make a difference. One day it could be one person, another it could be a family. I am so glad we live in a time where so many athletes get it and do what they can to do good.