The holiday season might not be an easy one at the Rivers household this year.

On Wednesday night, Austin Rivers begged the officials to give his dad Doc a technical foul, and they obliged.

Austin’s Houston Rockets were playing against Doc’s Los Angeles Clippers. Late in the contest Doc was mad after he received a technical for calling a timeout which the team did not have. He continued to argue that they did and should not have received the technical, all the while Austin egged the situation on and motioned for the T.

Moments later, Doc got the second technical and was ejected from the game.

Austin, who was clearly enjoying the moment, hyped up the crowd and motioned to Doc to call him later.

Following the game, during the media scrum, Doc explained what happened with the timeout.

With Thanksgiving and Christmas around the corner Austin might want to cover the cost of both dinners to help make up for the fine Do will be receiving from the NBA. At least he could do is bring the stuffing, and let’s hope he doesn’t say to Doc, “’technically’ it’s dressing” or he might get the heave-ho out the door.

It’s funny though, just a few years ago Doc was accused of nepotism when he traded for Austin to be the Clippers back-up point guard when he had the duel role of coach and GM. He would later trade his son out of town as well.

Austin better hope his mom is doing the shopping for his Christmas present this year or else he might find it being a lump of coal.