Don Cherry finally spoke to the media on Tuesday concerning his firing following his comments on Saturday night.

Cherry was removed from Hockey Night in Canada’s first intermission segment, “Coach’s Corner” on Monday when Rogers let him go after the 85-year old said, "You people that come here, you love our way of life, you love our milk and honey, at least you can pay a couple of bucks for poppies or something like that."

The comments came just two days before Canadians were to hold Remembrance Day ceremonies across the country to remember those that served to help protect the country.

Cherry, who refused to accept any wrongdoing, said he had intended to apologize on the next edition of “Coach’s Corner,” but never was afforded that opportunity before the broadcaster pulled the plug on his soapbox.

"I was ready to apologize," he said Tuesday. "I was gonna put out a tweet, or whatever they do, saying I was wrong and I think it could have smoothed over pretty good. But that's the way they wanted it and that's the way it goes."

What the former minor league player, NHL coach and broadcaster for almost 40 years wishes he had done was chosen his words more carefully.

"I think the closest I'll come to apologizing is I wish I had used different words," he said. "I should have said 'everybody.' If I had to do it over again, I would have said 'everybody.'"

One thing that Cherry is unhappy about with the whole situation is his former Hockey Night in Canada partner Ron MacLean.

The other half of the “Coach’s Corner” dup publicly apologized on Sunday for Cherry’s offensive comments. Cherry said that MacLean ‘buried’ him with his response.

"Very disappointing," Cherry told Global News on Tuesday. "We're still friends, but I was very disappointed in the way he handled it. I don't want to go and condemn him or anything like that, but I was very disappointed."

MacLean initially apologized on Twitter for Cherry's remarks and followed that by issuing a second apology during Sunday's Hometown Hockey broadcast, calling the comments "hurtful," "discriminatory," and "flat-out wrong." MacLean admitted he "sat there, did not catch it, (and) did not respond."

There are many that believe that Cherry’s firing for his comments on Saturday are wrong, but the firing was not just because of this one instance of hate and bigotry. Cherry has a history of it and this was the final straw for Rogers.

As I have stated before, I am not a Don Cherry fan. I disagree with him about a lot of stuff, but I respect the charity work he does, including for children with cancer, as well as his unwavering support for our troops. However, his time in front of the camera had expired a long time ago.

Many times, during his segments he turned away from talking about hockey and going to other stuff that had nothing to do with sports at all. Hockey Night in Canada is about hockey and that is what it should always be about as we all want to get away from politics and other stuff for three hours while we watch a game.

<p.I, like many others, have probably said something that was taken the wrong way by the wording that was used. I cannot state for a fact that Cherry did mean what he said on national television, but he said it. While we live in a free country with free speech, we also have to live with consequences of our actions, or in this case wording.

Had Cherry apologised right away and explained what he meant instead of wanting to wait week to do so we probably wouldn’t be where we are today and he probably would be preparing for Saturday’s broadcast.