NBA officials are concerned that Chinese officials could cancel a pair of NBA preseason games.

Later this week the Los Angeles Lakers and Brooklyn Nets are scheduled to play in Shanghai and Shenzhen.

The NBA is currently caught up in a political controversy in China following a tweet, which has since been deleted, by Houston Rockets general manager Daryl Morey which supported pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong.

Thursday is the first scheduled game for the Lakers and Nets in Shanghai, with the second slated for Saturday in Shenzhen, a city located directly north of Hong Kong border.

Even if the games are played, Chinese state broadcaster CCTV will not broadcast the games.

On Tuesday, NBA commissioner Adam Silver denied that the league was putting business before freedom of expressing while continuing to deal with China, which is run by a one-party totalitarian state that is home to the world’s second-largest economy.

"Values of equality, respect, and freedom of expression have long defined the NBA, and will continue to do so," Silver said. "As an American-based basketball league operating globally, among our greatest contributions are these values of the game."

However, the entire situation has done some damage to the business relationships that the league has in China.

One of those relationships that has been damaged is with the CBA which is run by former Rockets star Yao Ming. Following Morey’s tweet last week, the CBA ended its relationship with Houston.

"This issue may not die down so quickly," he said. "I'm hoping that Yao Ming and I can find an accommodation, but he is extremely hot at the moment, and I understand it."

We have even seen video of gyms that featured murals of the Houston Rockets get a makeover which saw the murals covered up.

Officials in China also canceled an NBA Cares charity event in Shanghai involving the Nets on Tuesday. Silver is expected to arrive in China today (Wednesday).

With all the controversy going on, maybe the Rockets should consider remove Ming’s jersey from the rafters?