During a television interview on Tuesday, Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf confirmed that she was warned another team could be leaving town.

That warning came from Major League Baseball commissioner Rob Manfred that the Athletics could join the Raiders in relocating to Las Vegas id the city did not drop the lawsuit to stop Alameda County from selling its share of the Coliseum to the ball club.

Both Oakland and Alameda County share ownership of the Coliseum and the city wants the county to sell their half of the stadium to the city and not to the A’s, however, the city is not in a position to match the offer of $85 million for the stadium that the Athletics are offering.

The NFL’s Raiders are moving to Las Vegas, possibly as early as next season. So, the warning from Manfred suggesting the A’s could move there as well struck a nerve.

The city has sued the county to block the sale of its half of the Coliseum to the MLB team with the judge issuing a temporary restraining order last week blocking the transaction. The Athletics were blindsided by the restraining order being granted according to Dave Kaval, the team’s president.

The Athletics are looking to build a new stadium at Howard Terminal on the waterfront and redevelop the land around the Coliseum, hoping it would help subsidize the cost of a privately owned stadium.

According to the mayor, who told KTVU TV, the city’s lawsuit was filed over her objections to it.

"I don't think that it serves the public when two governmental agencies are suing each other," Schaaf said. "It certainly is my direction that the city and the county work collaboratively. We are co-owners of this land. The board of supervisors are so well-intentioned. They want to do right by their constituents, which are our constituents, so I believe we will get something done collaboratively and put this lawsuit behind us."

November 14 is the next date for a court hearing in the city’s lawsuit.

If the Athletics do move to Vegas, at least they will have some friends to help with the move in the Raiders. Maybe they can once again share a stadium.