If you ask Jonathan Toews, he believes that with everything quiet on the NHL and NHLPA’s negotiation front is a good thing.

"It's probably the way it should be, and I think that's probably a good sign that there is some mutual respect and both sides are trying to come to agreements," the Chicago Blackhawks captain said, according to The Associated Press. "You have mutual dedication to keeping our game going down the same path and not disrupting that."

Both sides met in New York last week, they continued the discussions on Monday and will meet once again on Tuesday.

There has been little fanfare at this point of the ongoing discussions, but NHLPA executive director Donald Fehr says that the meetings have been cordial and “free from rancor.”

The Players’ Association has until Sunday to reopen the current CBA if it chooses to. If not, the agreement will be in place until September 15, 2022.

The main thing that is at the top of the players’ list of concerns is the escrow which they say they have lost upward of 10% of their pay to over the past seven seasons.

Back on August 30th the NHL elected not to exercise their option to trigger an opt-out clause.