There must have been something in the water in California because there were a couple of weird moments in Major League Baseball on Friday night.

The Detroit Tigers opened a three-game set against the Oakland Athletics in Oakland on Friday, but earlier in the day the teams played with the Tigers hosting the A’s. No, the game wasn’t at Comerica Park but at the Oakland-Alameda Country Coliseum.

Yes, you read that right.

Mother Nature had joined the game back on May 19th as the teams tried to finish their series in Detroit, but the rain wouldn’t let up. As a result, the game was suspended to a later date and since the teams were next meeting this weekend, MLB decided to finish it out.

So, four months after it began, the teams finished it off thousands of miles away from where the first pitch was thrown.

When the game was finally over the visiting Athletics left Oakland with a 7-3 victory and headed home to face the Tigers at 10:07 PM Eastern time to start the regularly scheduled series. Thankfully, there were no travel delays for either team.

The game also saw a number of players replaced due to being released or traded by the teams well after the game had started back in May.

Okay, maybe that one isn’t too weird because of the situation, but later Friday night members of the Los Angeles Dodgers fans were cheering for Bruce Bochy, manager of the San Francisco Giants.

If you know baseball, then you know Giants and Dodgers fans don’t really like each other. It is a bitter rivalry. However, on this night the Dodgers respected the rivalry and honoured Bochy who will be retiring at the end of the season as he made his final visit to Chavez Ravine this weekend.

In honouring Bochy, the Dodgers brought back a legend of their own, Vin Scully, to narrate a video retrospective of Bochy’s playing and managing career.

As part of the video, Scully mentioned that Bochy has won the most games at Dodgers Stadium by a visiting manager. He later continued, “a perfect reason to cheer him on his way out.” Okay, you knew there had to be a dig somewhere since it is rivalry.

Dodgers manager Dave Roberts then presented Bochy with an autograph Sandy Koufax jersey.

The 64-year old Bochy is in the final month of a stellar 25-year managerial career. He ended Friday's contest six wins shy of becoming the 11th manager in MLB history to record 2,000 victories.

Two sites in one day in California I doubt we will ever see again, especially a Dodgers fan saluting a Giants manager.