It has only been three preseason games and the New York Giants are already telling doubters, “see, we told you so.”

That “told you so” was concerning the drafting of quarterback Daniel Jones who has impressed his head coach so far.

After Thursday’s victory over the Cincinnati Bengals, Pat Shurmur praised his rookie QB’s poise and toughness. He even went on to challenge all the naysayers who were shocked that the Giants drafted Jones at where they did.

"That's what we thought he was when we drafted him," Shurmur told reporters following the game. "It's fun, about every six or seven days I've been able to tell you, 'That's what we saw when we drafted him.' He just has a feel for playing the position. He's steadily getting better every time he takes the field.”

When the Giants took Jones sixth overall in this year’s draft, many wondered if it was the right move for the franchise. However, Jones has played pretty well and silenced some doubters.

While he has impressed in practice and completed 25 of 30 pass for 369 yards, a pair of touchdowns and no interceptions in three preseason games, he has yet to show what he has in the regular season and that is a whole different game.

It is still too soon to say that the Giants were right, especially since the plan is still to start Eli Manning when the 2019 NFL regular season gets underway.

"I've said it all along, Daniel, when it's his time to play, is gonna be ready and we're going to continue to get him ready," Shurmur said. "We got a couple of weeks left before we play Dallas."

Shurmur and the Giants brass better be careful with the “I told you so's” for now and wait until he has proven himself.