Manitobans, and maybe some Albertans, got to watch football on a smaller field on Thursday night in Winnipeg.

It was even smaller than they thought they would see. The players even found it a few yards shorter.

The Green Bay Packers and Oakland Raiders were forced to play their exhibition game on an 80-yard field after there were concerns over turf conditions at Investors Group Field, home of the Winnipeg Blue Bombers of the Canadian Football League.

Team and NFL officials were concerned about the turf where the goalpost sat in one of the end zones after they had been relocated for the game. CFL goalposts are positioned at the front of the end zone while the NFL has them at the back.

Referees and officials from both the Raiders and Packers agreed to shorten the field for the game out of concern for the players safety. The area from the 10-yard line to the goal line became the official end zone at both ends of the field. This kept the area where the turf issue was out of bounds at the one end of the field.

The teams also altered format of the game slightly with the shortened field, electing to do away with the kickoffs and instead taking possession on the 15-yard line.

FOX 11 obtained a statement from the NFL which said that the turf “met the mandatory practices for maintenance of surfaces for NFL games” when it was inspected the day prior to the game.

Due to the uncertainty over the field, the Packers decided to sit 33 players which included Aaron Rodgers and other starters.