I have been questioned many times, why write about Little League baseball and post them on this site?

Well, first of all, Little League baseball is a sport which deserves just as much attention as MLB. Most of the time it doesn’t get attention until the regional tournaments get underway, but they should get some publicity as well.

Secondly, I went through Little League as a player, scorekeeper, coach, convenor, umpire and umpire in chief. I love the game of baseball and been at the grassroots of the sport is a great place to be at. Getting to see players grow to love the game and learn skills on and off the field.

But, like I said, Little League doesn’t get a lot of attention until late July and into August when the Little League World Series is on.

During the Little League World Series I also get reminded of what this game is about, having fun and making memories. On the fields in Williamsport, PA where 16 teams come from around the world to share the joy of the game and where a ball, bat and glove are just important as inclusion, respect and compassion.

It is also where, as the Little League Pledge states, “I will play fair and strive to win, but win or lose I will always do my best.”

With all the tensions at in each player’s country and around the world, some of the best 10 to 12-year old ball players from around the world come together to show that there is no fear or hate for one another. With eight regions from around the United States and eight international teams from South Korea, Venezuela, Australia, Canada, Mexico, Japan, Curacao and Italy, to show us that we all can come together as one and have one heartbeat.

It doesn’t matter if you have a crazy nickname like ‘Chicken Little’ or have a crazy celebration after a big hit. They are out there day and night playing the beautiful game and not worrying about somebody bursting into their classroom with a gun.

It’s a place where if you can throw a strike or make a diving stop, it doesn’t matter if you are a girl or a boy. If you can play the game, then you can play the game.

Williamsport is a place where a player can hit a game winning hit and celebrate the win and moments later are consoling the pitcher who gave up that hit. Then hours later they are all on the hill watching games and even sliding down the hill together on cardboard laughing and just having a fun time.

It is a place where you will see a coach breakdown in front of his players because it is the last time that he will get to coach many of them not because they lost but because the team has become a family.

At the Little League World Series you get kids from around the world not shouting insults at one another but opening their arms to each other, smiling and laughing together as they enjoy the game of baseball that has brought them together.

We may not agree on subjects I write about or even which side of the fence I may stand on, but I will never be sorry for writing stories about Little League Baseball or any other story about amateur athletes that deserve just as much attention as the pro athletes do.