Ever shown up late for a sporting event because of traffic? Yeah, I think we have all had that happen to use at least once.

However, if you are supposed to be a part of the game, and it is your debut, it can be a bit embarrassing.

Frank Lampard wasn’t the only one making a Stamford Bridge debut on Sunday in the match between Chelsea and Leicester City. Oh, don’t worry, Lampard was there in time for the game.

Referee Oliver Langford was charged with his first Premier League match when Graham Scott, who was originally scheduled to referee the match, was scratched.

Scott was replaced after he was caught up in traffic while trying to get to the stadium. He would get there just before kickoff, but because he did not have time to go through a standard pre-match routine, he took over fourth-official duties.

I personally have been involved in a couple of incidents where traffic has caused delays in starting a game.

One occurred in a pre-World Juniors exhibition game where the team Canada was facing was stuck in traffic after a heavy snowfall hit Hamilton, Ontario unexpectantly a couple days prior to Christmas. The other was an American Hockey League game where the four on-ice officials were traveling together but were stuck at the border due to heavy traffic after leaving that morning from an assignment instead of leaving the night before following the game.

Referees, team buses, and anything or anybody else in between is no match for traffic which does not discriminate.