We all do some celebrity watching when we go out, that includes at sporting events.

Many go and get seats so they can be on camera and get talked about or to help promote something they are doing. Then you have your diehard fans that enjoy the sport or team they are taking in.

For Jack White, who is currently on tour with his band The Raconteurs, he showed how much of a baseball fan he is on Saturday night.

Prior to their gig, the band took in the first few innings of the Nationals-Brewers game and then went off to perform for their fans.

It turns out that once they were done performing, they found out that the game was still going on as it had ended up going to extra innings. So, instead of grabbing some drinks and turning on the television, the band headed right back to their seats to watch the rest of the game.

Now that is some dedication, but how did he get back in? I guess since he is a celebrity the no returning after leaving the stadium policy doesn’t apply.

This isn’t the first time The Raconteurs have taken in a baseball game before going to perform. They did so back in July as well in Minneapolis where they took in a Minnesota Twins game against the New York Mets.

You’ve got to love a celebrity that wants to go to a game for the passion of it and not just to be seen and get talked about.

The Brewers would go on to win Saturday night’s, early Sunday morning’s, game in the 14th inning.