The New York Yankees proved once again that they are “savages.”

However, this time we aren’t talking about them being savages at the plate.

It has become a regular occurrence as of later, Aaron Boone, the Yankees manager, gets ejected and then Brett Gardner grabs a bat. It happened once again on Saturday as New York host the Cleveland Indians with Boone once again arguing balls and strikes.

It was his fourth ejection of the 2019 campaign.

As Boone was one his way out of the game, Gardner grabbed his bat and started banging it against the roof of the dugout which he has started doing over the last few weeks. This time it earned him an ejection.

*Warning* - Video NSFW

"Maybe I can use something else to hit something else," Gardner said after Saturday's contest, according to SNY's Yankees Videos. "Maybe I can take the helmet to the helmet rack and that's not as loud and that'll be okay."

Gardner also earned an ejection on August 9 against the Toronto Blue Jays for his same actions in the dugout.

"I feel like I kind of had a target on my back after Boone got ejected, which we were all fired up about when your manager stands up for you in that way," he continued. "I felt like as soon as I hit the top of the dugout, (umpire) Phil (Cuzzi) was running over from first base pointing in the dugout telling me I can't do that and threw me out.

"I asked him why and nobody's told me that I can't do that, nobody's told me that I can't make noise. I didn't direct anything at anyone, didn't say anything."

Umm, Gardner, you cannot do that. You are doing it because you want to show up the umpires with your demonstration. They have the right to send you to the showers early.

But Boone and Gardner were not the only two to get tossed from the game as left-handed pitcher CC Sabathia was also ejected during the same argument.

Hey, I got an idea. Keep your mouth shut and use the bat on a baseball and there is a good chance you will be able to stay in the game and not get tossed. The Yankees need to start playing under control or it is possible their lead could in the AL East could disappear.