Are you ready for a football work stoppage?

The NFLPA is making sure that their players are ready for one and have issued a “work stoppage guide” to its membership in case of a possible strike or lockout following the 2020 season.

These guidelines offer a lot of tips to the players on how they can save their money. While there are numerous tips, the include:

Saving at least half of each paycheque
Cooking at home instead of eating out
Renting instead of buying a new home for the time being
Selling a car that hasn’t been driven in six months
Selling clothes that have seldom been worn

Both sides have been at the bargaining table trying to get a new deal done prior to the start of this season, as the commissioner wants, but it is believed that there will not happen. However, the NFLPA is still preparing its players just in case the worst-case scenario.

I also believe some of the players should be doing this anyways, so they don’t retire and have very little in their bank account to live on and nothing to fall back on.

Negotiation sessions are reportedly scheduled, tentatively, for next week, yet little progress has been made so far in the meetings the players and owners have had so far.