Conor McGregor is once again causing problems away from the Octagon.

A video came to light recently of McGregor appearing to, as some media outlets have reported, punch an older man in the face at a Dublin pub.

The CCTV footage is from April 6th, when the incident occurred.

You can see McGregor in the video, and it appears he is offering those in The Marble Arch Pub a drink on his tab. The drink of choice, well of course it was his own Proper Twelve whiskey.

One older man who was seated at the bar and appeared to refuse a shot from McGregor, not once but twice. The pair appeared to exchange words before the Irishman appeared to throw a left-handed jab to the man’s face before two men pulled the former UFC fighter away.

Now, if this was really a punch to the old man, he took it well as he barely flinched. I would suggest that McGregor actually threw some of his whisky in the man’s face rather than punch him. Had McGregor thrown a punch and connected it is doubtful the man would have remained on his stool.

Authorities have reviewed the footage and opened an investigation back in April, but it is unclear if they are still investigating the incident. As of now, McGregor has not been charged.

This incident comes just a few weeks after the former two-division champion was arrested in March when he was accused of smashing a fan’s phone. Charges for that incident were later dropped.

The former UFC champion is reportedly still under investigation in Ireland following accusations from a woman who says he sexually assaulted her in December 2018.

It has been nearly a year since the 31-year old has stepped inside the Octagon where he lost to lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov at UFC 229.