This weekend, the UFC will see the return of Nate Diaz to the Octagon at Saturday’s UFC 241 event in Anaheim, California.

It will be the first time in close to three years that Diaz has stepped into the ring. However, his time away from the ring has not made him shy away from the spotlight.

On Wednesday, at an open workout with fans in attendance, Diaz lit up a joint to the delight of those attending. It was something that you never see at a UFC workout. He later told the media, following his workout, that he was smoking CBD, rather than marijuana. CBD is legal for UFC athletes in and out of competition as well as in the state of California.

Nate and his brother Nick, who is also a UFC star, own a CBD company.

So, how did UFC president Dana White react to it? He took to Twitter shortly after the joint was lit to express his apparent disappointment with the hand to face emoji.

White and Diaz have had a rocky road throughout their years of doing business together, including numerous feuds. Diaz, a veteran of the Octagon, has voiced his concerns with the politics in the fight scene as well as money that is paid to certain UFC athletes.

Diaz will take on Anthony Pettis in Saturday’s co-main event. His last fight came in August 2016 when he lost to Conor McGregor.

Who knows, he may light one up in between rounds or even post-match.