Last season the Oakland Raiders had Khalil Mack’s holdout distracting them at training camp.

That distraction ended when Mack was shipped out of town to the Chicago Bears a week prior to the regular season began. They hoped that this year would be different.

Well, once again, the Raiders had an off-field distraction thanks to Antonio Brown’s helmetgate and frostbit feet. The whole saga has overshadowed Ezekiel Elliott holding out from Dallas Cowboys camp.

With Brown returning to camp and the whole helmet issue coming to an end, hopefully things will calm down now.

ESPN has reported on August 9 that Brown had told the team he would retire if he could not wear the helmet that he preferred. That helmet has been banned by the NFL because it is outdated. He even sent his case to an arbitrator which he lost. However, he returned to camp without a hint of his treat of retiring in the air.

Had Brown retired, the 31 would have forfeited $30 million in guaranteed money from the Raiders. So, all that retirement talk was nonsense from the start, but we bet everybody already knew that. However, a player wanting to wear an unsafe helmet is nonsense as well.

If he wants to the push the issues with the helmet any more then the NFL should let him use it once he has signed an agreement that releases the Raiders, the other NFL teams and the league itself from any wrongdoing if he should get injured in a game or practice while using his preferred helmet. He wants to sue the league anyways if he gets a head injury while wearing the approved helmets, so why not get a hold harmless agreement signed for the one he wants to wear?

Even though he is back at camp, he won’t be hitting the grid iron anytime soon, at least until he fully recovers from the reported frostbite on his feet that occurred when he used a cryotherapy machine.

It has been a rocky start for Brown with the Raiders, but the Pittsburgh Steelers are probably watching this and having a laugh while thinking to themselves, “we don’t have to deal with that drama anymore.” Brown had several issues with the Steelers before he was jettisoned out of town via a trade.

Brown is an impact player, and nobody will question his talent on the field, but while the Steelers were trying to move him, they found out that there wasn’t a huge market for the wide receiver. The main problem was his off-field drama. For some reason the Raiders overlooked this and gave him a new $50.5 million deal over the next three seasons.

If I were a member of the Raiders’ front office, or even a fan, I would be worried what could happen next. He hasn’t even played a game in the silver and black, but Brown has already caused a stir with the club.

Clearly, the drama that appeared in Pittsburgh was packed along with all of Brown’s belongings when he moved to Oakland. It just means there is likely more drama to happen at any time.

Where’s the popcorn, because this could be fun to watch.