It has finally come true, Los Angeles Chargers QB Philip Rivers has his own football team which is made up by his wife and kids.

Rivers is entering his 16th season in the NFL, with 14th of them as a starter, but he isn’t showing any signs of slowing down just yet. This season the 36-year old has a great chance at leading his team to a Super Bowl thanks to some additions to the roster.

Of course, the star quarterback has also been busy off the field during the offseason with the birth of his 9th child back in March. With the newest addition the Rivers family is now up to 11 members, the exact number you need on the field for the NFL.

Because of this, one person actually made an offence for the Chargers with ever member of the Rivers family in Madden.

Halle is Rivers’ oldest child, being born in 2002, while Anna is the youngest and newest member of the Rivers squad.

It was a great touch by the Madden player who gave each member of the family a jersey number that went with the order of their birth.

Unfortunately, with the kids ranging from five months to 16-years of age, this will be the only place that we will be able to see this. That is unless a new league starts for backyard family football.

After years of carrying a team, if any player can carry a team full of toddlers and teenagers, it is Rivers.