Another CANUSA Games weekend has concluded with Flint, Michigan defeating Hamilton, Ontario for the sixth consecutive year.

This year, Flint came out on top, winning 9-4.

Hamilton would pull out wins in swimming (780-346), pickleball (5-4) and soccer (4-2), while gaining a victory by way of a tie breaker in the mayor’s competition.

Flint would gain victories in baseball (14-0), 10-pin bowling (387.5-357.5), darts (63-50), golf (3-2.5), hockey (5-0-1), skeet (950-938), track and field (397.5-248.5) and volleyball (4-0).

The mayor’s competition featured Brenda Johnson, Hamilton Deputy Mayor and Ward 11 Councillor, and Sean Croudy, Co-Chairman of the Greater Flint Olympian and CANUSA Games, in a 10-pin bowling match which ended in draw. Unfortunately, there was no score reported according to the official results sheets. However, because Hamilton holds the tie breaker to take the win.

Flint now holds a 32-26-4 record over Hamilton in the all-time standings of the CANUSA Games.

The 62nd anniversary of the CANUSA Games continued the international sporting competition based around the foundation of friendship.

Next year’s games will be held in Hamilton.