If you were planning to take in the Oakland Raiders-Green Bay Packers exhibition game in Winnipeg, Manitoba, good news there are tons of tickets available.

That’s because Canadians are not really pumped for the NFL’s return to the country.

The Raiders and Packers are set to face each other in Week 3 of the NFL preseason, but tickets for the August 22 game have been slow to move.

If ticket sales to continue to go as they are now, a quarter of the stadium will be filled for the game as only 8,944 tickets have been sold as of Wednesday afternoon.

The main reason for the lack of ticket sales is likely the price of tickets. The average ticket price for remaining seats is $191.50 Canadian which includes parking, taxes and fees. Converted into American currency, the price is about $144.

That would be about the price of a seat to the Canadian Football League’s 2018 Grey Cup, Canada’s version of the Super Bowl. Even with prices like that for the Grey Cup, CFL fans have balked at the price of tickets, so what made people think that an NFL preseason game would sell at that price?

Of the tickets already sold for the game, the majority have been sold in the corner of the upper deck worth $75 each and are sold out. The highest-priced tickets remaining are listed at $340 prior to taxes and fees.

Clearly the NFL believes that because they are the biggest and best league that they can charge top dollar for even preseason games that are neutral site. It is unlikely that some of the bigger names will even play in the game so it wouldn’t be worth the money.

And don’t think that the CFL Winnipeg Blue Bombers are seeing ticket sales like this for their season. On average, a CFL attendance is about one-third of what the typical NFL game sells. Winnipeg only failed once to reach the 25,000-ticket mark during the 2018 regular season and the stadium was filled with hockey fans for the NHL’s Heritage Classic in 2016.

Canada last hosted an NFL game in 2013 when the Buffalo Bills played annual contests at Toronto’s Rogers Centre which ran from 2008-2013.