Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Julio Urias was arrested Monday night on suspicion of domestic battery.

The charge came following an incident at a shopping area in Los Angeles, according to authorities.

A witness informed police that the 22-year old was arguing with a woman prior to shoving her to the ground.

The authorities talked with the woman, who denied anything physical took place, insisting that there was only a verbal disagreement. Urias was booked on a misdemeanor charge with a bond set at $20,000. He was bailed out on Tuesday morning.

There are multiple witnesses that say that Urias did push the woman to the ground that there is a video of it taken by a bystander from the scene that supports what witnesses were saying.

The Los Angeles Dodgers released a statement saying, "We learned about the alleged incident this morning and are in the process of gathering information. As a result, we have no comment at this time ... However, every allegation of domestic violence must be taken seriously and addressed promptly, and we will cooperate fully with the authorities and Major League Baseball to ensure that that happens in this case."

MLB also released a statement and said that they are “in the process of gathering the facts.”

Urias is in his fourth season with the Dodgers and it is likely he will be suspended in the coming days as the investigation continues.