The Wall of Honour will recognize those individuals and teams that have worn the Maroon & Grey on the gridiron with distinction. In 2017, the Wall of Honour will recognize the 1967 Marauder team, the first McMaster squad to advance to the Vanier Cup, on the 50th anniversary of this achievement. Several members of that historic team, which was also Atlantic Bowl champions, will be in attendance at the Gala. In addition to honouring the 1967 team, Marauder football will venerate four distinguished quarterbacks that made huge contributions to the McMaster program.

These include:

Russ Jackson, 1954-57

Phil Scarfone, 1981-84

Ben Chapdelaine, 1997-01

Kyle Quinlan, 2008-2012

Probably the Mt. Rushmore of McMaster quarterbacks, all four of this year's honorees will also be in attendance on Thursday, April 27 when the Wall of Honour is unveiled at the Football Gala Dinner and Auction.