Goodell has said himself that he is no football expert but last month reports indicated the NFL Commissioner was in negotiation for a five-year contract extension. However, that extension has not been signed and it seems to be because of Jones.

According to reports that have come out over the last day, Jones thrust himself into the league’s compensation committee and is holding up talks with Goodell on the new deal. Currently, the commish’s contract expires in 2019 but his new one would extend him until at least 2024.

Jones’ backlash stems from the handling of Cowboys’ running back Ezekiel Elliott’s suspension for violating the league’s domestic violence protocol. The Dallas owner has stated on numerous occasions that Elliott did nothing wrong, and that the league and player are in a prolonged back-and-forth that likely will be dragged on and into the new CBA negotiations.

With Goodell trying to cost Elliott a few game cheques, Jones can try to lower Goodell’s bloated salary. Since becoming the NFL’s commissioner in 2006, Goodell has made more than $200 million.

While it does not look like Jones is saying that the league should not keep Goodell but that it is a deal he does not like and wants it redone.

The league is expected to meet with Goodell on Wednesday via a conference call. And you can expect that Jones will be a part of it.