There are so many things that pisses off Columbus Blue Jackets’ head coach John Tortorella, but what annoys him the most is cell phones that ring during press conferences.

Normally Torts would go off on the reporter, but not this time. Instead he took a different approach to the phone going off as he was speaking on Deadline Day Monday and answered the phone. He didn’t get man, he didn’t yell or even give some smart-ass remark, he answered the phone.

Did we warm into an alternate universe? Did aliens abduct the real Tortorella?

The man has had so many legendary press conference blow-ups, but this could be the all-time greatest press conference moment for Tortorella.

On the other end was reporter Tom Reed’s, of The Athletic, mother who he spoke to.

I guess the Jackets coach had something to be happy about with the new additions to the team prior to the trade deadline.

While fiery Tortorella can be a lot of fun to watch, I’d take more of this from him any time.

Oh, for those wondering, according to Brian Hedger of the Columbus Dispatch, Reed did call his mom back.