Who doesn’t love Timbits mini games between periods of junior and pro hockey games?

You know, the little tykes that step on the ice during an intermission trying to emulate their favourite pro players in front of thousands of cheering spectators? Sometimes we get to witness a nice goal or a single speedy skater out there. Then you have the ones who barely go anywhere because they can barely move their skates.

While it may not be everybody, there are some of us that have wondered what those Timbits are thinking and saying out there on the ice. Thanks to “How To Hockey’s” Coach Jeremy we get the chance to find out.

Jeremy put a mic on his son, Mason, for a Timbits skate and it is better than pure gold from the up and coming superstar.

After watching the video, we now know what they are saying out there.

What learned is that they want to have a nap, which of us doesn’t want to do that? And they want to know if they are going to “BaDonalds” after they get off the ice, again which of us doesn’t want to do that?

While Jeremy’s son is just 4 years of age, he is already a legend in the hockey world with this video. Dad better hold onto this video so that he has some great blackmail material if the kid turns into a hall of fame player.

Who knows, you might even see him in the next “BaDonalds” commercials when he gets to the Atom level and become an “AtoMc” player.

Here’s hoping that Mason becomes on of the best “score-ders” ever in the game. I already know he is a better skater than me, I go one, two, fall and want a nap right then. He didn’t want a nap until after a few falls. Legend!