Alabama’s backup QB Tua Tagovailoa is a true freshman, so he is rightfully so adjusting to life in college like any other young person headed to college or university for the first time. However, one fan had his own unique concern about Tagovailoa’s transition.

A poster with the handle Chattown Tider on Bama OnLine’s message board was worried about a perceived language barrier when asking about Tagovailoa’s “transition to the states” and his communication. As seen in the screen capture of the post below, the poster noted that the young QB did “point to receivers a couple of times,” and that might have tipped off the target to the defense.

Tagovailoa is a six-foot-one, 215-pound, five-star recruit from Honolulu, Hawaii. The last time this Canadian checked, Hawaii was indeed part of the United States of America. It is worth noting though, Hawaii does have two official languages, Hawaiian and English, but there is likely no language barrier involved for Tagovailoa.

The freshman saw his first game action against Fresno State and demonstrated an ability to move the ball with the offense, completing six of nine passes for 64-yards and a touchdown.

We are unsure if the poster was just trying to troll everybody with their post but we are hoping it was a total joke because there is no way a grown adult that has internet access does not know that Hawaii is in the same country as Alabama and that both speak the same language.

Out of all of this, at least we got some very humourous responses on the original post and on Twitter.