If you watched the NHL All-Star Skills Competition on Friday night and you blinked, you quite literally could have missed history in the making.

When Nathan MacKinnon, of the Colorado Avalanche, was unable to participate in the NHL’s Fastest Skater competition at the All-Star Weekend, Kendall Coyne Schofield, of the USA women’s hockey team, was asked to take his place. In excepting the invitation, she became the first woman to compete in the NHL’s All-Star Skills Competition.

Schofield would go first and post a competitive time of 14.346 but ultimately finished ahead of just one skater, beating Arizona Coyotes’ Clayton Keller.

In the end, it was Connor McDavid taking the event for the third consecutive year with a time of 13.378 seconds. However, everybody was talking about Schofield, including McDavid who said, “When she took off, I was like ‘Wow.’ I thought she won the event.”

For women hockey players, they are always wanting to be known as hockey players, not as women who are trying to play a man’s game. Friday’s historic moment was just another huge step forward for women’s hockey.

Even Schofield, she knew the significance of the moment. “I knew it was a moment that would break a lot of barriers and a moment that would change the perception of our game.”

There are many players in the NHL that are quick like lightning with their skating speed, but Schofield proved that she can hang with them. Not only were the fans in attendance excited to see the moment but the NHL All-Stars were in awe of Schofield’s speed.

For many girls and young women that love the sport of hockey and still have dreams of playing at the top level they can, they were inspired by Schofield’s performance. That right there is what the point of All-Star Weekend is all about, inspiring the youth to strive to be the best they can be, no matter if they are male or female.

Who wouldn’t like to see Schofield back next year to see if she can finish the job and knock McDavid off his throne?

Maybe this could lead to something new for the All-Star weekend with some of the top women’s hockey players competing with the top NHL stars. It is something I would love to see as somebody who fully supports women’s hockey.