It is possible that this year’s AFC and NFC championship games could be played in the same stadium.

The National Football League is concerned about the Los Angeles Chargers hosting the AFC championship in a 30,000-seat stadium. Because of those concerns, the league could relocate the championship game away from Dignity Health Sports Park, formerly known as StudHub Center.

The stadium would host the conference championship game if the fifth-seeded Chargers can defeat the New England Patriots who have won nine consecutive home playoff games, and the sixth -seeded Indianapolis Colts shock the Kansas City Chiefs this weekend.

Should the two lower seeds advance, and the Chargers end up hosting the AFC Championship game, the league could move the contest to the LA Memorial Coliseum, the Los Angeles Rams play.

However, there is a chance that the Rams will be the home team for the NFC championship which would cause logistical challenges. Challenges that would prevent both LA based franchises from playing the conference title games in the same stadium. To make it work, the AFC championship could reportedly be pushed back a day for another Monday night broadcast.

But, before we even get to that, the Chargers, Rams and Colts all need to win. While it is not out of the realm of possibility, I would say it isn’t probable. Out of all three of those teams I can see the Rams moving on but it will be tougher for the other two, even though I would be happy to see the Chargers oust New England from the playoffs.