Matt Branch, a former LSU offensive lineman, lost one of his legs and is in intensive care after a hunting accident in Mississippi.

Branch’s friend, Micah Heckford, told the Mississippi Clarion Ledger that they had been loading up their vehicles during a group hunting trip on December 28 when Branch was shot by a dog.

According to Heckford, the dog, a Labrador retriever named Tito, jumped onto the bed of the truck, stepped on the safety of Branch’s shotgun, and somehow pulled the trigger. The shotgun shell went through the bed of the truck and hit Branch’s left thigh.

The group Branch was with too him to a road that was accessible to first responders. Heckford then applied pressure to Branch’s wound to slow the bleeding which was soaking his pants.

Branch was later transported to the University of Mississippi Medical Center. Heckford said that Branch had his left leg amputated and has undergone several surgeries but is expected to recover.

Branch played for the Tigers from 2009-2011 where he made 28 appearances, seeing action at guard and tight end, before a series of injuries cut his career short during a junior season that saw LSU advance to the national championship game.

The gruesome incident has led Heckford to contemplate gun safety.