The Canadian Women’s Hockey League will get some national exposure next month thanks to Sportsnet.

In January 2019, Sportsnet will ail the CWHL’s first ever weekend on the sports station. Broadcasting two games over the course of one weekend coast to coast.

On Saturday, January 5, 2019, the Toronto Furies will take on Les Canadiennes de Montreal at the Bell Sports Complex starting at 12:30pm Eastern. The next day (Sunday January 6, 2019) the Calgary Inferno, who are ranked first in the league currently, will face the reigning Clarkson Cup Champion Markham Thunder at the Centennial Community Centre starting at 1:30pm Eastern.

The January 5th games will be broadcast on Sportsnet East, Ontario, Pacific, Sportsnet ONE and Sportsnet NOW while Sunday’s game will be seen on Sportsnet and Sportsnet NOW.

These two games will feature 28 of the 34 players that have been selected for this year’s league All-Star game, so the top stars will be seen by Canadians across the country. According to the CWHL’s website, “Both games promise to be fast paced, intense and an eventful weekend showcasing the skill and strength of our players.”

While the CWHL has been broadcast on Sportsnet before, it has just been the championship game which was often shown on tape delay. Having the live broadcast will help to show off the league, its teams and all the talented players.

Some may say, “Who cares, its just women’s hockey.” To you, I say get head out of your butt. Women’s hockey is exciting. I am looking forward to catching at least one of these games when they are broadcast next month. Normally, we just get the IIHF championship tournament to watch, but now getting to see a regular season league game from our own backyard with some players that don’t represent the country is great for the game.

Women’s hockey needs more exposure. There are already tons of girls and women playing the game, but for the younger ones they can see there is a league for them that they could compete in one day.

Just like the NHL is where many boys and men want to play, the CWHL is where elite women will want to play, until the NHL excepts women to play with the men. The CWHL is made up of six teams with four based in Canada, one in the US and one in China.

January 5 and 6 cannot come soon enough for women’s hockey fans so that they can see some of the best female hockey players taking the ice in the CWHL.