What goes around, comes around.

We all want the dirty hits out of the game of hockey for the safety of players but last night there were many fans across the league that were happy to see a blindside hit.

Now, I never want to see anybody hurt, but in Tom Wilson’s case, with all the blindside hits he has gotten away with, this was just a bit of karma when Vegas Golden Knights’ Ryan Reaves nailed the Washington Capitals’ agitator.

The incident occurred late in the second period of Tuesday’s game. Reaves was assessed a five-minute major for interference and a game misconduct after play was stopped.

Fans around the league took to social media following the hit and described it this way, “principle point of contact was the shoulder. Wilson skated into him. Clean hit.”

Somehow, that description sounds familiar. Oh, I know, that is how Wilson and the Capitals describe his blindside hits.

For Reaves, he can breathe easy knowing he will not be called to the carpet for his hit by the NHL and that he won’t see the Capitals for the rest of the year as the teams split their season series. That means the next time Wilson can get some revenge won’t be until the playoffs, if they meet, or during the 2019-20 NHL season.