Thanksgiving can be very entertaining when the family gets together. It gets even more entertaining when the fights break out.

It was sort of wasn’t the case on Thanksgiving Thursday as the start of the NCAA football rivalry week started. Instead of coming together to have a friendly game of football on the holiday, Mississippi State and Ole Miss literally duked it out like family members.

A brawl broke out between the two football squads during the Egg Bowl which occurred as time expired on the third quarter.

Ole Miss wide receiver AJ Brown appeared to score a touchdown on the play that ended the quarter which led to the fight breaking out. A Mississippi State player appeared to throw a punch at Brown which set off a brawl. Ole Miss QB Matt Corral and cornerback Jamal Peters got into it. Peters ripped Corral’s helmet off his head and threw a punch.

It took several minutes but order was restored. As the dust settled, unsportsmanlike conduct penalties were assessed to everybody. Yes, every single player for both teams was penalized. Mississippi State lost three players to ejections due to the brawl while Ole Miss lost CJ Moore for his contribution to the altercation.

The ejections for Mississippi State could come back and haunt them if suspensions are handed since they still have another game to play.

Oh, and the touchdown. It was taken off the board. The officiating crew ruled that Ole Miss did not get the ball off in time before the play clock expired. So, that touchdown that ignited it all, never counted.

After all that, Mississippi State went on to win the Egg Bowl 35-3.