The group that is trying to bring a Canadian Football League team to Halifax took another step forward.

Atlantic Canadians who want to vote for the name of the potential tenth team in the CFL will need to fork over a $50 deposit on season tickets. Of course, that still doesn’t guarantee that the team will even come to fruition.

Maritime Football Limited Partnership and CFL commissioner Randy Ambrosie announced the ticket drive and a naming contest as they once again look to build public interest in a franchise calling Atlantic Canada home.

If a team can be established in the Maritimes it would complete the coast to coast league.

Anyone putting down a deposit with TicketMaster will be placed on a priority list to purchase discounted season tickets at a future time, should Halifax ever officially be awarded a team.

For that to happen, they would need the go-ahead from the CFL. However, before a decision on a team in Atlantic Canada they will need to have a place to play. Currently, Halifax city council is waiting for a staff report that is analysing the business case for a 24,000-seat stadium that the group would like to build on 20 acres of Shannon Park in Dartmouth.

That is not the only thing that needs to be looked at though as it is still not sure who would pay for the $190-million stadium, but Maritime Football expects the Halifax Regional Municipality to be involved in covering the stadium’s dept in some fashion.

While council’s report will not be ready for up to six months, Maritime Football is hoping that they will be able to put shovels into the ground and start construction in the summer of 2019 so that a team could be fielded for the 2020 CFL season. Should the stadium not be ready in time, the group would be willing to play the inaugural season in Moncton who has hosted three regular season games as part of Touchdown Atlantic.

As for naming the team, a shortlist was announced that included the Atlantic Admirals, Atlantic Convoy, Atlantic Schooners and Atlantic Storm. One of the names announced, Sxhooners, has already been trademarked by MFLP and the organization is reserving the right to have final say on the name.

Canadian football fans won’t have to wait long as it is expected that the team name will be announced during Grey Cup weekend later this month.