An armed robber in Stamford, Connecticut picked the wrong victim to attack this past weekend.

An aspiring wrestler used a takedown move to disarm the robber of an 11-inch knife then pinned him on the ground until officers arrived.

Sgt. Robert Shawinsky said the 57-year old victim told police he was walking on Richmond Hill Avenue when the accused, Israel Torres, approached him with a knife and demanded money.

Initially the victim said he backed up when he saw the knife but then decided to take Torres down with a wrestling move, something he had practiced while training to become a professional wrestler.

“He punched Torres in the face and conducted a takedown move on him,” Shawinsky said.

The man has training in Lucha Libre wrestling. In Latin America, Lucha Libra is freestyle wrestling and it also means professional wrestling. Lucha Libre was popularized in Mexico.

Shawinsky said that Torres has denied owning the knife and said he was walking down the street when he was randomly punched in the face.

It is unknown what move the victim executed, but it is highly unlikely that it was a Hurricanrana, especially when the other guy has a knife. So, it was likely just a simple take down move like a double-leg.

The robber was very lucky it was not WWE superstar Randy Orton, or he would likely have got an RKO out of nowhere.  There is no word if a 'Yes chant' broke out from bystanders or not.

Torres faces a charge of robbery.