Le’Veon Bell sent out a cryptic tweet on Monday which has many fans in Pittsburgh watching flights out of Miami, Florida.

That’s because in the tweet from Bell he says “Fairwell Miami.”

The Steelers have played eight games this season, all without Bell at running back. However, that could change in Week 9 when they play the Carolina Panthers on Thursday. While his status is far from certain, the tweet is the first indication that he is finally going to report and sign his franchise tender.

Bell is facing a deadline to return to the Steelers of November 13th, the last point in which he can return and still become a free agent in the spring.

But there has been a bunch of missteps and false starts to his return earlier this year, so the Steelers, and I am sure a few fans, are not getting their hopes up there. Bell has been reported as reporting to the team a few different times this season and then never showed.

Time is running out for Bell, so it is almost now or never.

However, while Bell has been sitting out, James Conner has taken over the starting running back job for the Steelers and has been just as good as Bell. Conner has 474 yards on the ground over his last four games, which Pittsburgh has won, and averaged 5.4 yards per carry during that time. He has added 20 receptions, which has quelled any fears that Conner could not match Bell in the passing game.

<p.Also, think about all the time he has missed. He will need to learn Randy Fichtner’s offense. So, the longer Bell waits, the fewer opportunities he will have to show off for his potential new employer since it is doubtful that Conner will be giving up any of his playing time.

None of this means Bell will be back with the Steelers this week or even next week. All we know is he is leaving Miami, Florida without saying where he is going. There is no way we can even trust Bell at this point with what he says.

If Bell does sign this week, he can cash a game cheque for Thursday night’s game and take a mini-bye to prepare for the Week 10 game against the Jacksonville Jaguars, which is the likeliest scenario at this point.